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Daughter of a R&B

Photo History of Robyn's Performance
2015 - 2016 Tour Projects


Daughters of R&B Tour
Making their own indelible mark on music Charles, Cooke, and King in concert together!

Dec 2015

Love N Success Movie Soundtrack "The Love Tour"
The Love N Success Movie Soundtrack tour is a collection of artists bringing you the best of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul. 

May 2016

His Double Life Tour
A play that tells the story of a young man who craves the love of his father but finds that he is unable to measure up.

About Me
“Robyn LaJoya” Charles, youngest daughter of 12 to the legendary singer and artist, Ray Charles Robinson, raised on the Westside of Chicago, recently partnered with CEO and Producer, Terrance Jordan, of A-Class Productions as a vocalist/songwriter. This venture spawned songs such as her current single “Let’s Talk About It,” as well as her debut single, “Crying Wolf” scheduled for release late 2015. As of August 2015 she signed on with No Jive Productions as one of the leading roles in the upcoming stage production “My Double Life” coming in 2016. In 2013, Robyn placed her co-write with Lawrence Tolbert “Sad Song,” on the newly released movie score and soundtrack “Love N Success” and will be on promotional tour with the soundtrack cast in December 2015.
The “Daughter of the R&B” has worked with such notable producers as R. Kelly, Smokie Norful, Manny Fresh, Fred Jerkins, and "Commissioner" Gordon Williams. She’s also worked with such notable actors as Ralph Harris, Samuel Jackson, and the late Bernie Mac on. Robyn tirelessly cultivates her skill as a songwriter with comrades such as Shannon Sanders, Chaise Flanders, Kavi Karkaino, Kool Mo Dee, Wesley Hogges, and Eric Williams on her upcoming project. She is in the process of securing tour dates on the “Daughters of R&B Tour” with Carla Cooke (daughter of the late Sam Cooke) and Claudette King (daughter of the late B.B. King).
She has coined her sound as “Urban Soul,” with influences of Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Island, Country, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop. “You get the best of ALL worlds in my music.” Through her life experiences and her desire to further her father’s legacy, Robyn will not only introduce her to the industry, but to the world. Following in her father’s footsteps, Robyn expects and demands to be known for her own talents, artistry, and accomplishments. She’s not just “the Daughter of Ray Charles” any more!