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  1. JULY 2016
    His Double Life Tour
    His Double Life is a play that tells the story of a young man who craves the unconditional love of his father but finds that no matter what he does, he is unable to measure up. But he faces even more serious obstacles that threaten to destroy the relationship with his high school sweetheart and one day wife, tear his family apart and cause an irreconcilable breech between him and his father. The play illustrates how toxic secrets can be to a family’s well-being and explores problems that many families endure alcoholism, life-threatening illnesses and hidden sexual desires. In the end His Double Life provides us with a view of what can happen when we accept the differences that exist in others and shows that no matter how terrible things may seem, love can still conquer all.
  2. January 27, 2016
    UnWine Wednesday LIVE
    Welcome to LIVE food & fun the Haitian Way! Come out and enjoy "UnWine Wednesdays" and hear the soul-funk sounds of Band of #Mis5ths featuring the Legacy Gal herself, Robyn LaJoya Charles (daughter of the late Genius of Soul, Ray Charles)! It will be an unforgettable night of entertainment. Show at 8:00p and 10:00p. Tickets: R'Mony Restaurant & Lounge 1644 Atlanta Rd SE Marietta, GA 30060