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  1. Penny 4 Ur Thoughts - Robyn Charles (Ole)
    Robyn Charles and the Band of Mis5ths in Atlanta 2016. Video Production Roderick Green, Music Gordon "Commissioner" Williams, Music Director Terrance Jordan, Aux Keys Wendell Kelly, Aux Digital BJay Cotten, Bass Rob Howard, Lead Guitar Armand Culpepper, Drums Corey Hutto
  2. Behind the Scenes Footage at Ole - Robyn Charles
    Robyn Charles during live band performance video having a "spot of tea" Atlanta, GA, 2017
  3. I'm Gonna Miss You for Walter
    Memorial Service for my godfather Walter Van Slyke Jan 2017 in Chicago, IL Robyn Charles singing an original song called "Miss You" produced by T. Jordan of A-Class Productions, accompaniment by Jeremy Brooks
  4. “What’d I Say” - Robyn Charles (Smith's)
    Robyn Charles featuring The Band of Mis5ths at Smith’s Olde Bar Atlanta.
  5. His Double Life stage play Show Trailer 2017
    The Stage Play explores one Man's struggle with Life's reality.
  6. Georgia
    Robyn performing Georgia at the WOD Luncheon June 8, 2014 14:34:14