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​​Robyn L. Charles, also known as Robyn LaJoya Moffett, is the youngest of 12 children born to the beloved singer and artist, Ray Charles Robinson, and mother Gloria Moffett.  Robyn was raised on the west side of Chicago, which is a city full of musical giants such as Common and Quincy Jones. This fact, along with Ray's strong success and stardom, makes her in many ways pre-destined to become a big name in the industry.  Her earliest musical inspirations were inclusive of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Prince, and of course, the many melodies made by her own father. Her first professional plunge was signing a single year contract with MTM Chicago, which would surely steer her towards singing as an ongoing occupation.

Attending Columbia College in Chicago handed Robyn a large amount of hands on training in Music Business Management, providing proper preparation for engagement in her eventual career.  As life can lend blessings, Robyn became a mother and this brought about a hefty hiatus from her musical aspirations. In 2004, Ray Charles passed on, prompting her to start seeking out ways to immortalize his words and his work. It was at this time that Robyn used her skills in songwriting to co-write and produce "This Moment" and "Penny 4 Your Thoughts". This would break her into the business in a bigger way.  She was also then granted the gift of a second child.

For a number of years, Robyn would continue to chip away at creating an original sound and style. She has referred to her vivacious vocal sound as "Urban Soul", which is a clear combination of gospel, jazz/funk and R & B, combined with country, pop/rock and hip hop. Her production team that she picked to propel her music to the masses included Jentleman Sharp of Cambium Music, Terrance Jordan of A-Class Productions, and Gordon Williams of Lalabela Music. Throughout her time making music, she has worked with some wondrous individuals in the industry, including R. Kelly, Do or Die, Otis Clay, and her current band creation, The Band of Mis5ths.  This list of legends extended itself to a short tour, where she worked alongside Carla Cooke, daughter of Sam Cooke and Rhonda Ross, daughter of Diana Ross. Lastly, she is creating her own mark in the music making business through her own company, R. Charles and Company Music Publishing House.

Robyn also managed to make time to participate in both stage and screen productions. In November of 2017, she had her first leading role in the stage play, "His Double Life", which debuted in Atlanta. As to big screen sensations, her melodies were made part of the movie soundtracks for "Love N Success" and "Love's Two Way Mirror". Being in this part of the industry allowed her to work with well-known actors such as Ralph Harris, Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson. Her hope is to continue working in motion pictures while she creates music.

As to present projects, Robyn is about to release her single "What Love Feels Like" in May of 2018, which was produced by Jerrell Moore of Inkwell Productions. This same single has an accompanying music video listed on IMDB as a short film by Variete Productions. July finds her on a NYC Five Boroughs Tour, which is a clear celebration of the lifting of the NYC Cabaret Law that repeatedly withheld her father from work. She will be performing a one woman show entitled "Dirty Laundry LIVE", slated to start in Fall of 2018. She shall be attending and showing support for various charity events throughout the year. Finally, a tribute album to Ray Charles is in the works, featuring an array of affluent artists and the appointed acting producer is Gordon Williams, who is a Grammy Award winning musician.
Although Robyn intends to follow in the fantastic footsteps of her father, she hopes audiences all over the globe will see and support the artistry and accomplishments that she, Robyn L. Charles, created and cultivated.